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It appears as if the Braves are the only serious suitor for Justin Upton because, as Buster Olney reports, FW “could and would” part with the prospects necessary to land B.J.’s bro.


2 thoughts on “Latest on J-Up

  1. My only problem with the obtaining Justin Upton is that we still wouldn’t have a proven lead-off hitter. I’m not convinced Simmons or Prado can fill that role.

    By the way, is the Nat’s signing of Soriano (formerly known as BMF) further evidence that they — not the Braves — are the team that will dominate the NL East for the foreseeable future? My money is on them and the Dodgers meeting in the NLCS.

  2. Signing Soriano definitely gives the Nats a legit closer, which they definitely lacked last year. I expect them to be just as good this coming year (if not better, with a full season of Strasbourg) as they were last year.

    However, I’m not sure that not having a true leadoff hitter would be too big of a problem if we had Justin Upton’s bat in the lineup.

    Possible lineup with Uptons:

    1. Prado
    2. Justin Upton
    3. Jason Heyward
    4. Freddie Freeman
    5. BJ Upton
    6. McCann
    7. Uggla
    8. Simmons

    I like Upton in the 2 spot because he has a pretty good career OBP, Freddie at cleanup because he’d be less prone to strike out (compared to BJ), and Uggla hidden back at no. 7, with everything we get from him a bonus. I may even be tempted to pull a Tony LaRussa from time to time and move Simmons to the 9 spot. So even without a lot of speed, you’re still looking at an extremely tough lineup from top to bottom.

    Bottom line, trade for Justin!

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