‘You can see the Chick-fil-A cow from atop the ferris wheel’

Developers are pitching their visions of how to transform the 55 acres of land north of Turner Field into a (drumroll) “mixed-use” sports and entertainment district.

Innovative and original are not the first words that come to mind.

01_turner_field (1)


3 thoughts on “‘You can see the Chick-fil-A cow from atop the ferris wheel’

  1. A few years ago, that crooked whorn bastard Tom Hicks planned a mixed-use development next to Rangers Ballpark. I said at the time, the first time a shopper were to make the mistake of going to J.C. Penney (about the only big retailer that committed to the project) to buy towels and got caught in game-day traffic would be the last time that consumer would visit the development. Apparently other retailers shared my viewpoint, because the plan flopped (construction never even started), and it’s part of how Hicks lost his ass and his ballclub. When you build a stadium on a site that’s not near anything else anybody would want to visit, then you can’t retrofit it to become a destination for anything else. Football stadiums, which only host 10 games a year (not counting playoffs) do fine surrounded by nothing but parking lots, but baseball parks, at which 81 games a season, need to be in neighborhoods (Wrigley, Fenway) or jammed into a corner of downtown (Phoenix, Houston).

  2. I’d like to see a few more bars and restaurants around the Ted. Then again, I’m bit of an alcoholic.

  3. I would be happy to see them do anything around the stadium like this. Its would be better and more attractive than the ghetto that currently surrounds it. I aint complainin’.

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