Bourn ain’t happening

FW says the Braves haven’t shut the door on Michael Bourn, but that doesn’t mean anything has changed. What did you want him to say, Bourn can’t come back even if he wanted to?

The Braves have roughly $8 million to spend and Liberty has shown little flexibility with payroll. In a market where Shane Victorino gets $39 mil for 3 years, do you really think you’re going to get Bourn for one year and $10 million?

I wish, but that’s as far as it’s going to get. Don’t count on getting Justin Upton or Giancarlo Stanton, either. The Braves farm system is rich in pitching but little else. Can’t see them putting together a package that would satisfy the D’backs or Fish.


One thought on “Bourn ain’t happening

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  1. Wow…way to be a kill-joy. Guess we will have to try and get excited about maybes and ifs like Juan Fransisco and Evan Gattis. So excited that we had all that money to spend and not only are we a worse team on paper than last year, but we are putting our hopes in an overweight 4th infielder that cant hit lefties and Ks a lot or a 24 year old minor leaguer who hasn’t hit above AA. And all because they crushed the ball in winter league. I am gushing with excitement, faith, and optimism!

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