Why are the Rockies so stubborn?

The Braves have what they need, and Colorado has Dexter Fowler, the lead-off hitting outfielder who would complete a formidable line-up.

The Rockies are desperate for pitching and could use a corner infielder. How many homers do you think Juan Francisco would hit playing half his games in Coors? More than Colorado’s projected corner infielders — Todd Helton and Jordan Pacheco — combined, I’d bet.

Pacheco, a converted catcher who hit .309 last year with little power, would also be a nice fit in Atlanta as jack of all trades backing up at first, third and behind the plate. Here’s my proposed deal, which should be more than enough but is unlikely to satisfy Colorado, which tends to over-value their talent:

Fowler and Pacheco 


Randall Delgado, Sean Gilmartin, hard-throwing reliever Juan Jaime and Juan Francisco. 

Fowler, an Alpharetta native, finally fulfilled his potential last year, posting a .389 OBP — more than 40 points better than Michael Bourn — and .474 slugging percentage. Sure, his home/road splits are troubling, but an OF of Fowler, B.J. and Jay Hey — all 28 and under — excites the hell out of me.

If only the Rockies would cooperate.


9 thoughts on “Why are the Rockies so stubborn?

  1. The Braves would then have a bench overloaded with right-handed hitters. Let them keep Pacheco, we keep Francisco and add Ernesto Mejia to the trade. (Unlike you, I think Evan Gattis can fill in at catcher for the first month of the season.) With Darren Oliver reticent about returning to the Blue Jays at a reduced salary, Toronto now is desperate for a left-handed reliever. How about sending Jonny Venters to them for Emiliano Bonifacio?

  2. I don’t think the Braves plan on giving Gattis any time behind the plate this year, though I suppose they could. If I was running things I’d keep Gattis in the minors to work on his catching so next year he could compete with Bethancout to replace B-Mac.

    I don’t think Mejia has the value of Francisco. You’re going to have overpay to get Fowler and Francisco should tempt them. A LF bat should be easy enough to pick up for the bench (and as you recall Francisco was pretty horrible as a PH last year).

  3. That’s one hell of a haul to give up for Dexter Fowler. I’d give that package up for Upton but that’s about it.

  4. It’s a lot to give up but it could put the Braves over the top this year and for the next few years. Considering our TV contract, we better go for it all while we can.

  5. Gilmartin and Delgado is a lot to give up for fowler. Don’t get me wrong, I agree Fowler could put the Braves over the top..I just can’t see the braves giving up both in any package that doesn’t net them someone like Stanton. If your worried about home/road splits might as well roll the dice on someone like J. Upton. He atleast provides more pop to a lineup that lived off the long ball for most of 2012. For Fowler it shouldn’t take much more than Delgado, Jaime and say a Spruill or another lower pitching prospect.

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