The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #18 Preston Hanna

On June 18, 1978, Preston Hanna beat the Pirates, improving to 6-1 with a 3.07 ERA. It appeared the 23-year-old right-hander was well on his way to fulfilling the promise that had made him a first round pick six years earlier.

Alas, it was not to be. He didn’t make it out of the second inning in each of his next three starts, allowing 15 hits and 15 runs, walking 8. Hanna ended up losing 12 of his next 13 decisions, finishing the year with a 5.13 ERA and a ghastly 1.603 WHIP.

Injuries sidelined Hanna for much of the ’79 season. He was recast as a reliever the following two years but struggled mightily with his control, walking 246 in 389 IP as a Brave. Add one hit per inning pitched and you get a 1.635 WHIP.

Hanna got his release in 1982, signing with Oakland, where he lasted half-a-season. His career was over at 28.


9 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #18 Preston Hanna

  1. I remember standing outside of the West Palm Beach ballpark after a game, and seeing him and Nahorodny, both clearly drunk, stumble out with two very homely women (the groupies were a grim looking crew). Hanna said something unpleasant to a little kid who asked for an autograph, brushing off his request. The four laughed uproariously and lurched on.

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  3. HANNA 3-0 for 1982 BRAVES. Take away the HANNA’s wins and BRAVES FINISH 3rd place fool. Hanna used as example for not narcing on the 1982 player that od’d in his hotel San Diego in 1981 !!!! WATCH YOUR WORDS FOOL. MRS. HANNA

  4. The few times I saw Preston Hanna pitch, he certainly had a major league fastball. Watching his 6-1 start, people fell into the Herbert Hoover thought process: “good times are just around the corner”. Unfortunately, the other parts of pitching never fell into place for him. He was known to have tinkered with his pitches and mechanics again and again and again to the point that Pete and Skip talked about it at length during a broadcast.

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