Elton John, the Lemmer, Knucksie and JS talk Bravos

My dream: Elton John teams up with a rich Atlantan (say Sara Blakely, the billionaire who founded Spanx) and buys the Bravos.

He’s no superficial fan. In this series of clips, from 2007, Elton bitches about the best-of-five division playoff, disses the DH, compares B-Mac to Johnny Bench, quizzes JS about Leo Mazzone’s departure and asks Knucksie about his nephew Lance.

He even gets JS to admit a mistake when he asks: “Why did we get rid of Jermaine Dye?”

Think of it: A baseball fan who’s loved the Braves as long as, if not longer, than most of us running the show. Bet he’d get rid of that godawful country pop shit they play between innings, too.


8 thoughts on “Elton John, the Lemmer, Knucksie and JS talk Bravos

  1. I wonder whether Elton is too flashy to get The Used Car Salesman to approve him as an owner. So how did we wind up being a huge Braves fan?

  2. Bud would probably prefer a nameless corporation who would do his bidding. Wait, that already happened. A gay man and a woman owning the Braves might give the UCS a heart attack.

  3. To answer Tokyokie’s question, I believe Sir Elton owns a place in Atlanta.

  4. Referring to a sports team as a “product” should be declared a capital crime, whether the perpetrator is a team exec or one of the myriad morons holding down sports talk radio host jobs in Atlanta.

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