Best winter in NL East? Could be the Mets

Sit on it, Philly!

Mets fans should be thrilled by the proposed R.A. Dickey to Toronto trade. New York will reportedly receive two former first round draft picks: catcher Travis d’Arnaud (.286 BA and .816 OPS in the minors) and pitcher Noah Snydergaard (13-8, 2.35 ERA, 1.085 WHIP)  — an impressive haul for a 38-year-old pitcher.

New York also kept its franchise player, David Wright, for $138 million over 8 years. It’s a risky deal, as Wright will be 37 when his contract expires, but considering some of the deals handed out this winter it’s not unreasonable.

They still have a LONG way to go, as evidenced by their projected Opening Day outfield of Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Jordany Valdespin and Lucas Duda.

The Nats imported Denard Span and Dan Haren, discarding Edwin Jackson and either Rochey or Michael Morse. Call it even.

The Bravos hope to draw even before the season starts but as of now they’re on the wrong end of the Chipper and Bourn for B.J. Upton swap.

Philly is the NL version of the Yanks, aging and fading. They were able to snag a player the Braves wanted, Ben Revere, but he didn’t come cheap. Their new third baseman, Michael Young, is a middle class man’s Placido Polanco, which is another way of saying I’ll take my chances on Juan Francisco. They’re reportedly hot for Cody Ross, which is sort of like being hot for Marion Ross.

Then there’s Miami. Unfortunately for the 38 remaining Marlins fans, Jeffrey Loria did not trade himself. They have Giancarlo Stanton — for now, but don’t be surprised if Texas rescues him from south Florida.


3 thoughts on “Best winter in NL East? Could be the Mets

  1. I think the Nats overachieved last year. And no way will the phillies play .500 again with howard/utley. Call me optimist, but I think this our year. Upton and heyward are going to make each other better hitting 3/4.

  2. Trading Dickey now is probably the right Baseball move (I think both teams will benefit) but I’m stunned at how utterly classless and churlish the Mets organization was in trashing him these last few weeks.

    I probably shouldn’t be, because if there is one constant in that misbegotten fleabag of a franchise’s 50 years of life it’s utter classlessness but still…I am.

  3. Being a knuckleballer, Dickey has the ability to pitch for 7 or 8 more years. Perhaps the Mets made a good move, but the results won’t be evident for some years. My guess is Dickey’s Christian conservatism weighed as much in this equation as his age or salary.

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