Who we missing?

Only four players to go in our countdown of the 20 worst players (non-pitchers) in A-Braves history. Two of the four spots are taken, and it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who they are (hint: they played the positions most popular on our list). The other two are up for grabs.

Now’s your last chance to make a case for the worst of the worst.


10 thoughts on “Who we missing?

  1. J.D. Drew because he routinely sucked and instead of making routine plays he was routinely injured.

  2. Bums like ol’ JD, Yesco and Dan Kolb belong on an all-Mutts team. But maybe they’ll be on this one, too. And don’t forget Johnny Rockhead.

  3. Come on, guys – you’ve got to select Nick Esasky! For as much as the Bravos paid him, all he delivered was what – one RBI? He appeared on more yearly team photos than actual games played for ATL. His bouts with dizziness kept him from living up to the 30-homer-a-year slugger that he had been in Boston.

  4. Corky Miller certainly seems to get a lot of attention for a guy who didn’t even accumulate 100 at bats. He couldn’t do that much damage.

    Jeff Francouer, on the other hand, was given nearly unlimited opportunity to suck. He was the worst player I have ever seen in a Braves uniform to get significant playing time. He couldn’t hit. He couldn’t run. He couldn’t even get to the ball to do the one thing he was good at: throwing. His teammates nicknamed him “Captain Caveman” for his unwillingness (or was it inability?) to adjust and learn his craft. His futility dragged the team down. He was the opposition’s prime asset. He was the Manchurian Brave. Like Ken Oberkfell, he ushered in a new era, albeit relatively brief, of losing. He was a pussy and a crybaby. The team didn’t start winning again until he was gone. This is all to say that he merits strong consideration.

  5. This is going back a ways, but I think you need to have Deron Johnson on the list. The Braves picked him up to add some pop to the lineup, and he put up a pathetic .208/.285/.316 line in his one season in Atlanta, driving in an astounding 97 fewer runs than he had three seasons before.

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