The 20 worst A-Braves players: #5 Rob Belloir

Rob Belloir was acquired from Cleveland in 1975, a bad sign, as the Indians were the AL version of the Braves. He was the PTBNL in a deal that brought Blue Moon Odom to Atlanta — a trade Eddie Robinson would’ve been better off not making. Blue Moon was 1-7 with a 7.07 ERA in his one season as a Brave. Belloir was just as bad.

What else would you expect from a lifetime .246 hitter in the minors?

Pretty much what Belloir produced — or didn’t — in parts of four seasons as a Brave. His was a career of attrition, as the utility infielder’s appearances dwindled with each year. By the time it was over, in 1978, Belloir had 167 MLB AB’s and only 36 hits — 30 of which were singles. He hit no homers and stole no bases.

You’d assume, then, that Belloir could pick it, but you’d be wrong. He appeared in 38 games at SS as a rookie, committing 12 errors. The Mercer alum retired with a .927 fielding percentage,


3 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves players: #5 Rob Belloir

  1. Good addition.

    In the ’70’s the middle infield was a complete disaster. Bellior, Blanks, Cheney, Sonny Jackson, Gilbreath, Robinson, Royster – that was a grim era.

  2. Felix Milan was the only real keeper in the lot, and we traded him for the washed up Gary Gentry and doomed Danny Frisella. Grim days in the infield. Oh, and the Fulco infield itself was generally regarded as the worst in the game at the time. Our players were bad enough without all of the bad hops, too.

  3. I just saw Rob Belloir will be one of the “Braves greats” autographing before the August 16th game! Had to Google him to figure out who he was.

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