The 20 worst A-Braves players: #4 Melky Cabrera

I’m not going to try and convince you that Melky Cabrera was worse than, say, Sugar Bear Blanks. But there were few Braves as lazy and ineffectual as Wide Leche.

When the Braves acquired Cabrera I was under the delusion that he was one of those players you appreciate the more you saw play, a guy who would fill in capably all over the outfield, steal a few bases, hit a few homers, et al.

Instead the Cabrera we saw was out of shape, a liability on defense, punchless at the plate and a clod on the bases. And he didn’t seem to give a damn.

Granted, Melky probably would not be on this list if not for his antics last July at The Ted.

CD posted about it the day after, demonstrating some rare prescience:

The guy acts like he’s going to toss baseballs to the fans, and then doesn’t. Like some smart ass 13-year-old, he taunts Heyward to run to third. He cadillacs out of the box after hitting a ball that nearly scraped the top of the wall on its way out. …

Of course, never mind that he has decided to take the game seriously only after being in the big leagues for several years. I hope he blows a hammy or loses 100 points off his batting average by the end of the season. Maybe he’ll get busted for ‘roids. I wouldn’t be surprised.


6 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves players: #4 Melky Cabrera

  1. I did see Larvell get a walkoff hit at Fulco one night. Can’t say I ever saw Leche do anything that positive for the home squad.

  2. I still get pissed whenever I think about the fish walking off against us, and melky charged the ball but didnt even bother to field it. Im shocked Bobby put him out there the next day. Im hoping he breaks his wrists in toronto next year

  3. There just aren’t enough spots left for the likes of Frenchy, Jeff Burroughs, Corky Miller, Crapward, and Jim “Elvis” Presley, who — like Gerald Perry — proves you don’t have to be able to hit to be a hitting coach. But ol’ Bulky certainly does belong there among ’em.

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