Wil Myers traded … but not to Atlanta

4 thoughts on “Wil Myers traded … but not to Atlanta

  1. It’s probably a smart deal for both sides. The Rays get one of the best prospects in the game, and the Royals are at least showing their fans they’re committed to trying to win now. I’m interested in reading that book about how the Rays run their organization with a business model – “The Other 2%.” Has anyone happened to read it?

  2. I think the Rays got the better of Dayton. KC also sent their top pitching prospect to Tampa while Shields has just 2 yrs left on his contract. No way they’ll be able to re-sign him, and Davis has a middling track record as a starter.

  3. As far as next season goes though, you have to figure that KC will be able to contend in the AL Central. No team was dominant last year, and with Guthrie, Santana, and Shields, the Royals will have a formidable rotation.

    I agree about the long term, but for the next two years, KC looks halfway decent as far as this deal goes.

  4. I read The Extra 2%. Keri doesn’t dig particularly deep into the Rays’ “trade secrets”, but that makes sense because if they were exposed in the book, they wouldn’t be secrets. There was a particularly good chapter on Joe Maddon. It was a real page-turner and I had trouble putting it down if that counts as an endorsement.

    As for the Royals… they gave up a really strong prospect (.987 OPS in AA-AAA at 21 freakin’ years of age) but you can’t rebuild forever and they really needed a pitcher. Time will tell how this one turns out.

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