Revisiting 1993

Watch before Bud’s stooges pull it.

I miss David Justice.


5 thoughts on “Revisiting 1993

  1. Awesome. Thank you for posting this!

    BTW, you’ve got 3-2-3-4 posted.. but number 1 is in the recommended videos at the end of each one.

  2. I was actually at this game. My mom and I stayed after and watched the entire Dodgers/Giants game on the big screen. Part 3 is worth pulling up just to get a load of Bream’s shirt. Yikes.

  3. That was the best team in the game that year. I will never be dissuaded from that.

    The only year that Maddux and an effective Avery were together, the only year we had David J, Fredie and Ron Gant all together.

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