The Hammer never missed a nail

There was never a more consistent performer than Henry Aaron. He was the Bizarro Uggla.

Hank hit .306 vs. left-handed starters, .305 vs right-handed starters, .303 at home and .306 on the road — with slugging percentages above .500 in each situation.

For his career he never hit lower than .297 in a month. His first half OPS was .932, .007 better than his post-All-Star Break OPS.

His numbers fluctuated only slightly in clutch moments — for the better. Aaron hit .304, with a .968 OPS, with 2 outs and RISP. His OPS was .982 in “late and close” situations.

The Hammer dominated, no matter how you parse the stats. Hard throwers fared as badly as finesse pitchers. First inning, ninth inning, no matter.

Here’s my favorite stat: Aaron hit 38 or more homers 11 times but didn’t strike out 100 times once.

All this is old news, but it’s good to remind yourself that the best player in the modern era wore a Braves uniform.


5 thoughts on “The Hammer never missed a nail

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  1. Yeah but his hat never flew off and I heard they moved the fences in 200 feet every time he batted in Atlanta.

  2. A slump for Bad Henry was back to back o-fers. That is as long as I can remember him not hitting.

  3. Amazing numbers. It must make Aaron wistful to see the free agent tens of millions thrown around for vastly inferior players. Fortunately he has been as savvy a businessman in his post-baseball career as he was a player so the money is not the issue.

  4. That’s one of the most fascinating stats I’ve ever read. Never less than .297 in a month? Wow. Anybody else ever done that? I doubt it.

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