The Phillies are coming! The Phillies are coming!

UPDATE: Never mind — the Phils just acquired Revere for Vance Worley.

UPDATE: According to DOB, the Braves are talking to Minnesota about Revere.

Jon Heyman says the Phils have been talking to the Twins about Ben Revere, who’s apparently available for pitching. I hope FW is on in this, because Revere, an Atlanta native, would be a perfect fit.

Revere, 24, hit .292 with 40 steals in 124 games last year. He’s gifted defensively and won’t be a free agent for four years.

I’d be willing to part with Delgado and Sean Gilmartin to make it happen.


  1. Ah, dammit. I would’ve loved to have Revere here. Lots of speed, good defender (though he has no arm). Good percentage base stealer. Doesn’t walk much but he doesn’t strike out a lot either. Well, Crisp is still available…

  2. That’s interesting about Bourn; I haven’t seen any rumours regarding him either. Seemed like the best fits (apart from the Braves) were Washington and Philly, but they’ve both filled their needs in that department.

    I wonder if his asking price has turned people off; especially with Washington and Philly getting decent outfielders for relatively low prices, and BJ Upton setting the bar on the high end, who Bourn would presumably get more than.

  3. FW got BJ but has missed out on a lot. Now I know that some of the names went for more or require more than we can or want to do…but some of them I just dont know if he has been aggressive enough and is too willing to settle for our AWESOME!!!! internal options. Yay!!! We have money AND trade pieces, yet nada so far.

    And on top of all that we traded Hanson to relieve some money…for what? So Liberty could like John Malone’s pockets a bit more?

  4. FW choked on this one. Spann or Revere was available and both went to division rivals. Revere was clearly available for not so much. Gilmartin or Delgado would’ve probably done the job. Instead, he’ll probably torment the braves for years. I like Upton, but he’s a strikeout machine and we need a leadoff hitter.

  5. Vance Worley > gilmartin or Delgado. Worley compares to mike minor. Not really a deal wren needed to make.

  6. To be fair, the Twins also got highly regarded pitching prospect Trevor May. As for Minor, I wouldn’t deal him straight-up for Revere. No way.

  7. Rob is exactly right. Our 2 biggest rivals each landed a player we needed and wanted. (The Phillies may have pulled off a real heist.)

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