20 years ago, the Bravos signed the best pitcher we’ll ever see

“This one hurts,” said Gene Michael, the general manager of the Yankees, who did manage to trade for Jim Abbott on Sunday. “He’s the best one out there. I never thought I could say this. But he’s a steal at $28 million. He’s a steal.”

Needless to say, Stick was right.

I remember where I was when Mad Dog signed: Atkins Park on Highland Ave., with CD. We were stunned, because, as you recall, JS liked to operate under the radar, and Barry Bonds was his supposed target.

Instead, the premier rotation in baseball got better, and for $6 million less than the Yankees offered. Maddux wanted to win, and in December 1992 the Braves afforded him the best opportunity.

How times have changed.


5 thoughts on “20 years ago, the Bravos signed the best pitcher we’ll ever see

  1. I remember hearing the news from my Dad. Maddux instantly became my favourite player. What kind of kid wouldn’t like an ace pitcher who lists “Nintendo” under interests in his player profile.

  2. 20 years….wow! It really doesn’t seem that long ago. To me, he is the greatest pitcher I’ve ever watched. Hands down.

  3. Over the second half that year, Maddux had become nearly unbeatable, a good pitcher suddenly becoming great.
    News of the signing was legitimately euphoric.

  4. There was a story in the paper the next morning, sort of a roundup of goings on at the winter meetings. The very last line of type read something like “…and Greg Maddux signed with the Braves.” I’m guessing it was a last minute addition. I immediately turned on the TV to check ESPN and be sure some dope hadn’t read it off of the wire wrong.

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