20 years ago, the Bravos signed the best pitcher we’ll ever see

"This one hurts," said Gene Michael, the general manager of the Yankees, who did manage to trade for Jim Abbott on Sunday. "He's the best one out there. I never thought I could say this. But he's a steal at $28 million. He's a steal." Needless to say, Stick was right. I remember where I... Continue Reading →


The 20 worst A-Braves players: #9 Rick Cerone

"Fuck you, George!" Rick Cerone earned considerable respect from the baseball community when he cursed out George Steinbrenner during the 1980 playoffs, capping a career year that saw him finish 7th in the AL MVP race. Five years later, he became a Brave. Back then you welcomed any trade, figuring if someone was good enough to... Continue Reading →

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