Who are these internal options we’re hearing about?

Braves general manager Frank Wren has been evaluating his internal options in the event that he does not land another outfielder before the start of next season.  But as we progress through this first week of December, this still has to be viewed as Plan B.

More like Plan Surely You Must Be Joking:

  • Juan Francisco, who struck out 70 times in 192 AB in 2011. On a different team, maybe, but this Braves line-up can’t support another 150 to 200 K’s.
  • Evan Gattis, who has scant experience above Single-A and would be expected to play a position he’s ill-suited for (the converted catcher is 20 pounds heavier than Ryan Klesko, FYI).
  • Jose Constanza. No need to elaborate.
  • Ernesto Mejia, 27, who has spent 8 years in the Braves system. He’s got some pop but struck out 288 times in his last 270 games. Against minor league pitching.

15 thoughts on “Who are these internal options we’re hearing about?

  1. Yuck thank you for dismantling the internal information. What about Damon?

  2. This makes everything you said about Coco Crisp even more compelling. Crisp is not a great ballplayer, but he is a good ballplayer, albeit not a lead-off hitter.
    I really don’t think Simmons is a lead-off guy, either, which mean we find ourselves right back where we were before acquiring Bourn.

  3. Relax. Wren is making a p.r. move here in an attempt to convince potential trade partners that he doesn’t really need to make a trade, thereby driving down the price of any potential acquisition.

  4. I hope you’re right roadrunner but this is a team that’s gone into a season telling us that Tyler Pastornicky is an everyday SS and Scott Thorman a 1B.

  5. All you nervous nellies and nattering nabobs of negativity are going to worry yourselves to death for nothing because Jordan Motherscratching Schafer is going to charge into Atlanta, bat leadoff, play left field AND third base because he’s so damn fast he can do both at the same time and he will have a ,300 Batting Average and a.400 On Base Percentage and a .500 Every Person Jordan Schafer Meets Goes To Bed With Him Percentage and he’ll have whatever the hell a good BABIP is and there’ll be VORPS and WARS out the ass with 100 steals and 200 hits and 400 bunts in 800 at bats and before every single at bat both at home AND on the road this here song will play because that’s just how J-Smokes ROLLS.


  6. Jacoby Ellsbury may be available for pitching, so sayeth MLB-TR….I believe it is his walk year but if the price is right… maybe?????

  7. I’ve always kind of viewed Roger McDowell and Fredi as the Jay and Silent Bob of MLB.

  8. I saw mention today of potential interest in Bonifacio; apparently Toronto is willing to deal him since acquiring him from Florida last year. Not too bad of an option, as he can bat leadoff, play good defense in LF, and would presumably not cost much.

    The Ellsbury option is not too bad either, but he is rep’d by Borass, so I wouldn’t want to pay too much for him as we most likely would not see him for more than one season.

    I also saw a rumour last night about the Phillies and D-Backs discussing a Cliff Lee-for-Justin Upton trade, and thought, WTF?! If Arizona is clearing house, why would they want to bring in Lee, unless their hope was to dangle him in July to a contender for more prospects. We could easily give them a younger, promising candidate that would help them going forward (Delgado or Teheran).

  9. I don’t see how Bonifacio would be any better than Costanza if he’s used as a starter. He might be useful as a super utility man.

    Escobar just got traded to the Rays for a middling prospect. I wonder if this is has last stop this winter. The Rays are working on a multi team deal with TX and AZ.

  10. In 2011 Bonifacio, playing in 152 games, hit .296 with a .360 OBP and 40 steals. His batting numbers declined a bit last year as he struggled w/ injuries but he still stole 30 bases in just 64 games. Bonifacio is two years yngr than Constanza and can play almost every position.

  11. A .360 OBP sure would look nice hitting lead-off. Blue Jays blog (go to drunkjaysfans for insightful and profane reading) are reporting that the Jays aren’t really looking to deal the Good Face, but that could just be posturing as well.

  12. He also sported a .303 in his other year of full-time work. He’s in between these two years, which is what Costanza is: a guy with speed, absolutely no power, and not enough ability to get on base to be a full timer. You could have Georgie out in LF in late innings, though, and feel reasonably confident. Bonifacio, on the other hand, will have you on edge wherever he plays.

  13. You have a lot more faith in Costanza than I do. Either that or you think Bonifacio really sucks. Either way I’m beginning to fear that none of us will be satisfied with what the Braves trot out in LF next year.

  14. Seth Smith would be a great addition. I hear he can be had for Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens. He’s a great player who was absolutely *not* a product of Coors Field. He’ll hit just as well in a pitcher’s park. Just you wait!

    (or what I mean is, what seems like a good idea could in fact be a terrible idea)

  15. Well, I think they both kind of suck.

    Gattis and Tehran have both temporarily departed from their winter league teams. Perhaps Wren is lining up a deal that involves them.

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