The 20 worst A-Braves players: #10 Jimmy Kremers

Jimmy Kremers, the Braves 2nd round pick in the ’88 amateur draft, made his MLB debut two years later. It would be his only season in the majors, and with good reason.

Kremers had 3 hits in his first 25 AB and none in his last 25. He had five hits in between, finishing with a .110 BA and .369 OPS  in 73 AB. On top of that he struck out every 2.5 AB’s.

So he must have been strong defensively, right? Not exactly. Despite playing just 27 games at catcher, starting 21, Kremers allowed 24 steals in 29 attempts.

Basically, if Kremers was starting you could count on him striking out at least once and allowing at least one runner to steal a base.

Yet somehow the Braves were able to trade Kremers to Montreal on April Fools Day, 1991, for Otis Nixon. Otis, an  Atlanta folk hero, hit .278 and stole 186 bases in four years with the Braves.


3 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves players: #10 Jimmy Kremers

  1. They must have known early on that he wasn’t going to make it, seeing as they took Tyler Houston in ’89. And thank goodness the Expos were always there when we needed a center fielder — Otis and then Grissom. Nice.

  2. the thing about Kremers is he looked a lot like avery. When he would go out to the mound that year they looked like twins.

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