Braves always round down when it comes to payroll

We assumed the trade of Tommy Hanson meant the Braves had around $14 million to spend for LF and the bench. Not surprisingly, that number shrunk over the weekend.

According to DOB, “indications are that have a total of about $10 million or slightly more to spend on those positions.”

Oh, but Terry McGuirk tells us Liberty doesn’t set any limits on payroll. So I guess that makes T-Mac the cheap bastard.

As an aside, isn’t it about time someone asked The Worst Commissioner in the History of Sports to name one franchise that was enriched by corporate ownership? Fox and the Dodgers? Disney and the Angels? Liberty and the Braves?


3 thoughts on “Braves always round down when it comes to payroll

  1. Just lock up Heyward so we don’t have to trade him for salary relief as soon as he hits arbitration and call it an offseason. Tired of hearing the words “Braves” and “payroll” in the same sentence because it is never, ever, EVER good news.

  2. Its the same every year and will continue to be. That “no budget” company line is crap. The team seems to slowly but surely trimming a million hear and a million there and trying to hide that they are doing it. They arent very public with their figures and any amount someone tries to figure out that they have, they just “round down” to say they have less. There are more restrictions put on this teams payroll than we are told about, and with that shitty TV contract choking us out for years to come, each year is going to come as a struggle to keep our own super stars. Cant wait.

  3. It sounds like the D-backs would want a deal that includes Simmons and others for J. Upton. No thanks.

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