Hanson to Angels for reliever

According to Heyman, the Braves dealt Hanson to the Orange County LA Angels for a relief pitcher named Jordan Walden. I know nothing about Walden, but he had 32 saves in 2011 and was hurt part of last season.

Sounds like a trade of an out-of-whack starter for a similarly troubled reliever, maybe. The Braves save a chunk of money, which presumably — we hope — will be spent on a left fielder or third baseman. We shall see.

UPDATE: O’Brien types that the deal frees $4 million to chase a left fielder, and that “is the reason for the deal.”

Losing Hanson does no harm. Amazing how far his stock fell, though, from one of baseball’s top young starters 3-4 years ago to this.


8 thoughts on “Hanson to Angels for reliever

  1. Didn’t Hanson always seem to do well on the road? I think being from Cali, the humidity out here was too much for him; maybe the drier climate will help him.

    It would have been nice to see him fulfill his potential here, but oh well. Hopefully we’re able to get a good left fielder now and not have to worry about anything until mid-February…

  2. This trade definitel makes sense. It gives Atlanta a comfortable amount of money to work with to try and find a free agent to play left field, or who knows, they may acquire that player through a trade. What do you guys think about Atlanta giving Evan Gattis a shot in left field for 2013?

  3. I’m not sure he can be straightened out but anybody that the Angels try with, up to and including random guys off of the street, will serve him better than McDowell.

    All in all, this needed to be done and I’m glad we got a solid guy in return.

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