The 20 worst A-Braves players: #12 Zolio Versalles

Before German Jimenez and Julio Franco, there was Zolio Versalles. Like the others, he was signed out of the Mexican League. Unlike Franco, he had nothing left.

Which is surprising, since he was only 31 when the Braves acquired him early in the 1971 season. His resume included an MVP and 2 Gold Gloves, but Versalles was a shadow of his former self by the time he got to Atlanta, thanks in part to a back injury suffered while with the Dodgers.

He batted just .191 in 194 AB with a paltry .233 OBP. Defensively, he was just as bad, committing 13 errors in 52 games at SS and 3B. He was released in August, ending his MLB career.

According to Wikipedia, Versalles, who never learned English, struggled after baseball.

Holding a series of menial jobs, he lost his house to foreclosure and was eventually forced to sell his MVP trophy, his All-Star rings and his Gold Gloves. In addition to his back problems he suffered two heart attacks, underwent stomach surgery and was sustained solely by disability and Social Security payments.


2 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves players: #12 Zolio Versalles

  1. Versalles won the 1965 MVP in large part because he was perceived as being the only guy in the AL who played an NL brand of baseball.
    His inability to speak English hurt him in so many ways, not the least of which was getting proper medical care through the Twins.
    I was excited when we signed him, and saddened when he was unable to produce, not least because he had the coolest name in baseball.

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