Braves TV deal worse than we thought

The LA Times reports the Dodgers will receive $240 to $280 million per year for local broadcasting rights.

According to DOB, the Braves take in roughly $20-to-$25 million annually from their local TV rights — a deal Jeff Passan calls “the sport’s worst television contract,” negotiated as “a term of its sale” from Time Warner to Liberty Media.

A sale that was approved by Hapless Bud. Remember where to direct the blame when Jay Hey, Freddie and Med Dog are playing elsewhere a few years from now.

The deal doesn’t expire for another 20 years. God knows what shape the Braves will be in then.


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  1. roadrunner48 says:

    As television viewing increasingly moves online, I wonder how important these contracts will be in five to ten years.

  2. They’re getting the money regardless. We’re screwed, thanks to that asshole Bud Selig.

  3. wuky says:

    At $250-280 mil season from TV, they wouldn’t need to charge admission. That’s more than enough to carry the payroll of any MLB team. That is ridiculous.

  4. AA says:

    This hurts Liberty just as much as it hurts the fans. There has to be some sort of buyout option. With that much money involved, you’d think a buyout would make sense. But, I guess this could make sense if Liberty is using it as a tax write-off, but even that seems strange. The owner, if not a rich individual interested in chasing championships, should want the team to increase in value, if only for resale purposes.

  5. Tokyokie says:

    I still think Time-Warner got an under-the-table quid pro quo from Fox Sports to freeze capitation fees for its cable systems in exchange for the below-market-value rights fees. That it was a term of sale, I think, makes this suspicion more, not less, likely to be true, and that the Used Car Salesman was inom the scam.

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