Overpay for Upton or Fowler?

That’s the question facing the Braves. Once Upton signs the Rockies will expect to get more for their talented center fielder. Same goes for the Twins and Denard Span.

I’m inclined to overpay for Upton, and reportedly the Braves feel the same way. The Phils have more money, but FW seems especially determined to ink the Tampa flychaser.

He’ll be a Brave by week’s end.


6 thoughts on “Overpay for Upton or Fowler?

  1. Gosh, if we’re going to overpay for Upton, why not go for Josh Hamilton? Upton in no way shape or form could replace Chippers bat. With Hamilton, your getting an OPS monster. One who could really replace Chipper circa 2000.

  2. Span or Cain would be cool but this seems more likely and I’m fine with that.

    I trust Hamilton about as far as I can throw his car.

  3. The more I read about the guy the less I understand why we’re going after him. I’ll just hope that FW understands baseball better than I do.

  4. This is not a great idea. He strikes out a LOT. It would be wiser to overpay Bourn.

  5. For me, I’d take Span over Upton. Hell, I might take Ben Revere over Upton. B. J. is a “untapped potential” guy who is a fine fielder, a good base stealer, and a strikeout machine. He hasn’t hit above .250 in 4 years and his OBP was .298 last year. I honestly don’t see what the hype is about.

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