The 20 worst A-Braves players: #16 Omar Moreno

When your game is built on speed and you manage but one SB in 58 games, it’s time to look for another line of work.

Fortunately for Omar Moreno, the ’86 Braves were desperate and their manager thought it was still 1979.

Chuck  Tanner begged GM Bobby Cox to sign Moreno to a minor league contract prior to Spring Training, and Bobby acquiesced. On a team bereft of speed, the ex-Pirate might have some value off the bench.

Instead, he ended up starting 78 games, mostly in RF, where he committed five errors. He did lead the Braves with 17 steals, though he was caught 16 times. Moreno wasn’t on base much, hitting .234 and walking 21 times, good for a .276 OBP.

As a washed-up 33-year-old who was once pretty decent , Omar was in many ways the face of the ’86 Braves.

Be thankful it’s not 1986, Braves fans.


5 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves players: #16 Omar Moreno

  1. Love the new look, sort of a nostalgic look back at web 1.0. I dig it.

    I’m thankful this year as in years past for Rowland’s Office, for a place to come and vent about my favorite team and share the rare and important insights here. I hope all of the denizens of the ‘Office feel the same.

    Moreno was emblematic of the Chuck Tanner era. I remember the ads at the beginning of the season when he described the World Series winning parade down Peachtree that would ensue.

  2. If we sign Upton we might set a record for strikouts(batting) in a season. But Wren has to bring in a right-handed bat or teams will be able to pitch around us.

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