Time to give Dayton a call

According to the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman, the Royals may be willing to deal prized prospect Wil Myers, a right-handed hitter with immense potential.

It would take a lot to get him, perhaps even Julio Teheran AND Randall Delgado. So be it. The Braves have pitching to spare and Myers would be a perfect fit in the line-up, filling a major hole with a minimum salary. That would give FW the option to overspend on Bourn — he’s going to overspend on someone, after all.

He split last year between Double-A Northwest Arkansas and Triple-A Omaha, batting a combined .314 with 37 homers and a .987 OPS.


6 thoughts on “Time to give Dayton a call

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  1. Apparently, he played CF last year. I wonder if he’s any good over there.

    I’d be happier with dealing one of the pitchers along with Ahmed and Salcedo.

  2. Centerfield is the least of my concerns if we secure Myers. I’d rather have the elite defender with the lowest cost. Let’s get it done.

  3. Brad Komminsk tore up minor league pitching. The big league diet of nasty breaking pitches at the knees separates the wheat from the chaff. Is Myers truly a can’t-miss guy?

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