Next year’s silver anniversary

In 2012 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Sid’s slide, and the 30th anniversary of the ’82 NL West champs.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the worst team Atlanta has ever seen, regardless of sport. Despite having 5 present, future or borderline Hall of Famers (Bruce Sutter, Glavine, Smoltz, Murph, Ted Simmons), the ’88 Braves lost 106 and should have lost more. They ranked next-to-last or last in the NL in:

  • Hits
  • Runs
  • BA
  • Slugging
  • OBP
  • ERA
  • CG
  • Saves
  • Hits Allowed
  • Fielding Percentage
  • Attendance

Four players batted under .200 (min. 50 AB): Jim Morrison, Jerry Royster, Simmons, Damaso Garcia

No Braves pitcher reached double digits in wins. Reliever Paul Assenmacher’s 8 wins were second only to Rick Mahler’s 9.

The ’88 Braves did lead the NL in one category: Errors. Their DP combo, Andres Thomas and Ron Gant, combined for 60.


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