This is why you don’t build stadiums for billionaires

UPDATE: It’s official, reports Buster Olney.

How many franchises can I destroy?

The Marlins have surrendered, for next year and beyond.

They have reportedly shipped Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck to the Blue Jays for Yesco, infielder Adeiny Hechavarria, RHP Henderson Alvarez, LHP Justin Nicolino, OF Jake Marisnick, C Jeff Mathis, and RHP Anthony DeSclafani.

Three of those players rank among Toronto’s Top 10 prospects, but that’s a helluva bounty. Miami now has just $16 million committed to next year’s payroll.

Perhaps FW should inquire about Giancarlo Stanton.


8 thoughts on “This is why you don’t build stadiums for billionaires

  1. They’ll keep Stanton as long as they can keep paying him peanuts then he’ll be moved as well.

    I’ve despised that franchise with a white hot fury from day one. They should be dissolved, for the good of the game.

  2. That is absolutely despicable. It’s great for Toronto, as I think they can now win the AL East with that team. But how many times is Bud going to let Florida blow up its team just because they feel like it.

    The city of Miami invested a lot of money on that new stadium, only to watch an overpriced team underachieve this season, and likely repeat their last place finish next season and beyond. Stanton has every right to be pissed as he (along with Gabby Sanchez) are the only talent left behind.

    And off topic – I just read an article from John Paul Morosi on Toronto’s interest in bringing Bobby Cox back to manage the team. He reportedly said no, but that was before they made this trade. I really hope he sticks with his original answer if they ask again…

  3. Bud will let this continue, while publicly wringing his hands in anguish over the Marlins being forced to do this because of “costs”. Never mind that the stadium that was supposed to solve these cost “problems” was finally built. Moving the franchise is out of the question because the new stadium contractually binds them in Miami for the foreseeable future. Forcing out Loria is a logical step except that it was Bud who gave the art dealer a golden parachute out of Montreal and into Florida so that John Henry could buy the Red Sox. This franchise is a total, unadulterated joke, owned by a despicable liar.

  4. MLB let him purchase the Expos to destroy them. Now, Loria is the Mitt Romney of MLB. Bain Capital Mitt, of course.

  5. I’d be pissed if I were Giancarlo Stanton. He’s a great player stuck on a lousy team with a douche owner.

    Also, Caz, Gabby Sanchez no longer plays for the Marlins. I believe he’s with Pittsburgh now.

  6. Also – forgot about Gabby Sanchez. I remember him being demoted to AAA but not about the trade. My mind goes to sleep in the off-season…

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