November 13, 2012

The 20 worst A-Braves (non-pitcher edition)

November 13, 2012 // 12 Comments

Best/worst lists are not beneath the Office. We’ve plumbed these depths many times before. Surprisingly, we’ve never counted down the all-time worst Braves. Here’s a partial list of contenders (non-pitchers only). I’ve left out too many to count, so your nominations are [...]

The 10 worst A-Braves games (tie): April 5/9, 2003

November 13, 2012 // 0 Comments

Hard to believe a game started by Greg Maddux made it onto our list. Harder to believe two games started by Mad Dog made it. Not only that, they took place in the same week. And the best fielding pitcher ever made errors in both games. Mad Dog lasted only two innings in the first game, allowing 9 [...]

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