UPDATE: David Ross signs with Boston

UPDATE: DOB says Rossy will be getting $6.25 million over the next two years. The Braves paid Matt Diaz $2 million last year. 

Ross should still be a Brave. 

It won’t be David Ross, signed to a two-year deal by the effing Red Sox, reports Ken Rosenthal.

Not sure what the offer was, so I’ll reserve judgment, but I assumed Ross would be returning. The Braves lose not only the best reserve catcher in the game but a dependable right-handed bat and great clubhouse guy. I suspect we’ll see someone like Rod Barajas or Miguel Olivo, both free agents, take his place — or try to.


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  1. PepeFreeUs says:

    Pierzynski expressed a desire to play here the other day. Just so you’re prepared for that possibility.

  2. rankin' rob says:

    Penny wise and pound foolish. He played well for us. I’ll miss him.

  3. jon3068 says:

    Normally I wouldn’t be bummed about the reserve catcher leaving, but Mr. Ross transcended that role. Good luck in Boston, sir.

  4. Caz says:

    Does this maybe signal that the Braves are trying to free up as much $$$ as possible to try and re-sign Bourn?

    I hate to see Ross leave; especially since we’re now stuck with an unknown at catcher for at least the first month of next season.

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