No to Nick Swisher

The Braves are among six teams pursuing Nick Swisher at a starting price of three years and $11-to-$13 million per, reports Jon Heyman. I wouldn’t pay that, and I suspect he’ll get more.

Stat geeks will pillory me for this, but here’s why I’m wary of Swisher, 32 on Opening Day: 1.) He would be bad for team chemistry and 2.) He’s terrible in the clutch.

Only A-Rod is phonier, according to an SI poll of 232 players. And his postseason numbers are abysmal: 46 games, 154 AB, .169 BA, .283 OBP, .305 slugging percentage. We’ve seen enough of that in Atlanta. (Plus, he’s married to a Scientologist.)

There’s a reason the Yankees aren’t showing much interest in Swisher, and they can afford him.

The Braves can’t afford to spend $35 to $40 million next season on Swisher and Dan Uggla.

4 thoughts on “No to Nick Swisher

  1. I’ll be upset if the Braves go after or sign Swisher. Guy’s way overrated and benefits from short fences at Yankee Stadium.

  2. Your last point about that Yankees decision to let him walk is the one that gives me the most concern. Otherwise, I’d be fine with him in LF for $11-12M. But Cashman knows his value better than anyone, so something is up. My guess is that the Braves will be outbid here.

    Losing Ross just when we need him most is a disaster. $3M for two years may be overpaying, but not by enough to hamstring the team. He’s more valuable than McCann in my opinion. He’s a better leader and teacher and a better player at this point.

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