R.I.P. Pascual Perez

Pascual was apparently killed for his pension check in his native Dominican Republic. I’m working on an appreciation for the local organ and will link when complete.

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7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Pascual Perez

  1. What cracks me up to this day is that I always imagine him driving around in his uni, just like in the cartoon above. R.I.P., Pascual. A true eccentric who deserved better than this.

  2. my boy pascual,,,,have been following him in the DR for the last 3 to 4 years ( on a where are they know project) a friend of a friend who vists dozens of others that sadly live a very fringe lifestyle their. he was battling some severe health issues and was down to arguably 100ibs (about 40 under his playing weight) but this not a good way to go,,,, you were and always will be my favourite brave pitcher for so many reasons and later did well here in canada and pitched real well and got kookyer

  3. Such sad, sad news and what a terrible way to go. I’ll always remember him as a big part of that early 80’s brief oasis of Braves excitement. R.I.P. I-285.

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