Could Scott Thorman be far behind?

Everyone’s favorite .211-hitting, PED-using centerfielder is coming back! Yep, the Braves, for some reason, have picked up Jordan Schafer off waivers from Houston.

I’m going to assume this is one of those what-the-hell-nothing-to-lose moves. If this is any indication of how we’re going to replace Bourn, we shudder. It can’t be. Then again, we replaced Greg Maddux with John Thomson. That was different, one spot of five. We only play one center fielder.

If Schafer opens 2013 in center field for the Braves, I’ll read a book by Sean Hannity. I’d sooner eat the carpet under my desk chair than read a book by Sean Hannity.

In other matters, good moves to pick up the options of McCann, Huddy and Maholm. McCann will make a chunk of money. But you’re highly unlikely to find anyone better for next season. Keep him one more year, and Bethancourt should be ready for 2014. Meantime, work to sign Heyward and Freeman long-term, now.

10 thoughts on “Could Scott Thorman be far behind?

  1. Hey Office, best I can figure is they thought they were getting Jordan Zimmerman for the rotation, or Paul Schafer to play the organ between innings. Otherwise, this makes about as much sense as Wahoo MacDaniels after he’s been into the firewater

  2. I dont understand what the outrage is over. This was a waiver claim, not our new CF. I dont mind the idea of him spelling our starters or pinch running late in a game. We can only hope he’s grown up a little.

  3. CD, how do you REALLY feel about Schafer??

    Although he did wreak havoc on the Braves when we played Houston early in the season, I think they’ve claimed him for insurance / backup purposes only.

    Word on the street, BTW, is that Bourn is seeking a $100 mil deal.

  4. I’m not outraged. Just using a little hyperbole. But seems like you could find someone better to be a backup outfielder.

  5. Sean Hannity says Jordan is a great American, even with the disproportionately tiniest head in MLB.

  6. He’s the perfect cheap solution for a team in search of cheap solutions. I would not sign Bourne for $100 mil. He was absolutely mediocre down the stretch. He rivaled Uggla for the team strikout king. I didn’t know Sean could read.

  7. There has to be a better cheap solution. I’d rather see Reed Johnson play every day. He’s hit at least 50 points higher. Not sure Sean can read. There’ve been a couple books published with his name on them as alleged author.

  8. Schafer will be the No. 25 guy, if he makes the club. As a pinch-runner and late-inning defensive replacement, he is adequate. He is not a bad bunter as I recall, and may be able to handle the occasional sacrifice situation while keeping us out of a double play if he does not get a decent bunt down.
    As an everyday center-fielder, he is unacceptable.

  9. Schafer never struck me as being a good outfielder. He’s kind of like Costanza in that he takes bad routes. He’s got a good arm. That’s the only physical advantage he has over Georgie. Of course, he does bring the intangibles of blunt smoking and the experience of being suspended.

    Fredi loves the guy. About a month before the Bourn trade, I recall him saying that he and the coaching staff thought he was the best outfielder. This, and his famed bunting ability that Jack references, makes me nervous.

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