More revenue coming in, but Braves payroll to remain same

The new national TV contracts mean each team will receive an additional $27 million, starting next year.

Alas, Liberty won’t be using that money to acquire new talent. According to Mark Bowman, the Braves’ payroll will remain around $94 million.

The descent into small marketdom continues, thanks to indifferent ownership.


9 thoughts on “More revenue coming in, but Braves payroll to remain same

  1. At least we won’t have $10 million sunk into a restraining order against Derek Lowe this year.

  2. It’s not like we would play any better in October if we added 50 mil to the payroll. We are the Braves. At least we’re not the Mets.

  3. This means we’ll always be an underdog feel-good story. Kinda like the Rays and the A’s.

    I’m trying to find a silver-lining here…

  4. Picked up the option for Hudson, McCann, and Maholm. Doesn’t mean anything for 2014 on, but it helps for next year.

  5. Just saw that Heyward got a Gold Glove, then saw that it was the Braves’ first since 2007 – I didn’t realize that it had been that long…

    Congrats to Heyward though!

  6. Bourn got hosed. as did Martin. We had the top guy at each outfield position (and the top two NL shortstops) according to most advanced fielding metrics.

    Still…really happy for Jason. The first of many pieces of hardware on tap for him. Also happy all three options were picked up.

  7. I think Martin could become a multi-Gold Glove winner if he were allowed to specialize in a single position, rather than being Fredi’s easy answer whenever anyone who doesn’t pitch or catch for a living gets hurt.

  8. I’m no defender of Fredi, but where Martin plays is an organizational decision. I care less about him winning any trophies than I do that he’s playing where we need him most. So far, he’s been where he needs to be.

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