From the geniuses who gave us ‘Gone with the Wind Night’

Don’t worry, Braves fans: the Tomahawk Team, whose lively T-shirt twirling atop the dugouts passes for tradition at Turner Field, will return in 2013.

From what I can gather on Twitter, organist Matthew Kaminiski — who will always have a place in my heart for playing “With a Little Help from My Friends” when cheater Manny Ramirez strode to the plate — may not.

You likely noticed Kaminiski’s absence down the stretch and during the Wild Card game. Room had to be made for “Call My Maybe” and the theme song from “Friends.” Anything — as long as it was loud and bland.

That might as well be the mantra of the Braves promotions department, which seems intent on annoying its most loyal customers in a desperate attempt to broaden the base.

Baseball doesn’t matter. Hell, the Braves appear to be a footnote to the tool race and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”

What other organization presents a video tribute to their opponent — the Red Sox? Or has a corporate hack tossing the first pitch before a playoff game? Phil Niekro was in attendance at the Wild Card game against the Cards but the Braves chose to give the honor to some dude wearing a Taco Mac shirt.

These are the wages of out-of-town, corporate ownership, one of the many soulless legacies the Used Car Salesman can claim.

*In a hopeful note, between-innings host Mark Owens has left his day job as producer of “The Regular Guys,” according to Rodney Ho. Not sure if that means the relentlessly cheerful Owens has left town, but one can dream.


8 thoughts on “From the geniuses who gave us ‘Gone with the Wind Night’

  1. Sounds like Turner Field is turning into the Rogers Centre. We have all the offenses you’ve listed above as well as artificial turf, blue seats that face towards centre field (as the Dome is a multi-sport facility and we need to accomodate CFL fans) and $11 cans of beer.

    Going to Dodger Stadium in 2001 was the first time I’d ever heard an organ at a baseball game.

  2. At least the Braves still have an organist, or at least an organ. All the music at my local MLB park (Rangers) is canned. And old. And wearisome. I mean I appreciate that the great Randy Newman is still collecting royalties after every Rangers homer at their park because his music from The Natural is played, but come on, the tune was worn out 10 years ago.

  3. I like trad baseball as much as anyone, but after passing the Tomahawk Team in the tunnel right around the pitching cages, I’m not about to snipe at them. So to speak.

  4. atl, I think it’s a push. Whereas I can’t stand anything by John Denver and kinda like most everything by Randy Newman, you only have to suffer Country Boy once a game, and the Rangers hit a whole lot of dingers. And we still have to suffer Cotton-Eyed Joe during the seventh-inning stretch.

  5. The Green Bay Packers are owned by the fans via stock purchases, aren’t they? If the price was right, Liberty would sell the Braves to a consortium of terrorists. If 50,000 fans ponied up $800 each…

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