White Bear

Evan Gattis rarely comes up in any discussion of what to do if/when Brian McCann leaves the organization but maybe he should. He mashes wherever he goes, and while he’s got some work to do defensively B-Mac isn’t exactly Benito Santiago. But because he’s 26, most dismiss him as a prospect. Usually, they’d be right, but Gattis is a particular case.

First, he’s not 25, at least not in baseball years. He missed out on 4 years of development, blowing his scholarship at Texas A&M. After a year at Oklahoma Junior College, Gattis dropped out again. Then, following three years on the road, Gattis managed to land at a Texas college I’ve never heard of before being drafted by the Braves (which, considering his background, speaks of his talent).

You could make the argument, and you would be right, that Gattis is dominating more seasoned competition. They may be younger, but most have more minor league experience and/or hail from programs a tad more prestigious than Texas Permian-Basin.


6 thoughts on “White Bear

  1. He’s a sleeper and you make good points. We haven’t produced a masher since Klesko. I’m excited.

    I’d be happier with him in LF and a more experienced catcher bringing along the young pitching for the next year or two. Then Betancourt can come in and then we can have a catcher who can actually throw and block the plate.

  2. Hmmm….scoot Martin to 3rd, plug Gattis in LF. Still need to reslove CF and C, but I think Gattis should get a good look @ Spring Training.

  3. I don’t think he’s ready yet, and considering his size I’m not sure LF will be a good fit. But a year from now he and Bethancourt could make for a decent combo behind the plate, w/ each supplying what the other lacks.

  4. I think he’s probably a year away; he’s only had a partial season at AA. But, even with his size, I think he could be the long-term answer for a right-handed masher in CF.

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