World Series open thread, Game 1

Leave it to MLB to cede all decisions to Fox.

Here they are, in Tony Bennett’s hometown, and guess who’s singing the National Anthem? Last year’s “American Idol” winner, the one whose name no one knows. Idol, of course, is a Fox product.

MLB remains a Fox product through 2021. Can’t wait to listen to an 80-year-old Tim McCarver repeat himself between corny quips whilst Joe Buck rhapsodizes about the NFL.

I’m rooting for the Tigers, who will prevail in 7. Somehow, they’ll lose tonight, even with Verlander on the mound.


13 thoughts on “World Series open thread, Game 1

  1. I had a feeling Detroit would drop game one, too. But I’m backing them to win the Series. Seems like every time I turn around, San Francisco is in the World Series—yuck!

  2. I find myself completely uninterested in the Tigers. There isn’t a player that I like on that team.

    But if the Giants win, I’ll never hear the end of it from my cousins. So.. umm.. go Tigers!

  3. I’d had it with Brian Wilson’s mugging and his baby brother Sergio Romo’s creepy copycat act.

    Verlander was awful last night. Everything was up and or out over the plate. I bet he dominates his next start.

    I can’t live in a world where Greg White is a contributing factor to a world series win. Go Tigers

  4. Ditto on the Greg White – I’m actually pulling for Detroit because of another ex-Brave, Omar Infante. I wish we could’ve kept him on the team somehow because the thought of a Prado/Simmons/Infante infield would’ve been pretty nice. I’ve always liked him so I’m hoping he gets a ring becuase he’s a class act and a good ballplayer. Go Tigers!

  5. This time of year is all about hate and wishful misery for Braves fans. Sometimes it’s specific, like the joyful(for Braves fans) end to St. Louis’ season. But generally it’s an unfocused, general hate of all teams who know how to get to the postseason and win.

  6. That seemed a lot more like Melky’s doing, at least to me.

    No big deal. I just thought I might have forgotten something.

  7. Blanco doing the crotch chop pretty much turned my opinion. In general, I like the Giants. They’re Darrell Evans’s old team, it’s a great city, and they were pretty cool about Bobby Cox when he finished up his last game.

  8. Rob, Blanco was not better than Bourn — not even close. He had a lower BA, OBP, isn’t Bourn’s peer defensively, had 15 fewer SB and struck out 104 times in 393 AB. Bourn had a bad second half but comparing him to Greg White is absurd.

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