Of all the reasons not to trade for A-Rod, here’s the most compelling

It’s conceivable, albeit unlikely, that A-Rod will surpass some of the most hallowed numbers in baseball —  milestones once (and still, in my book) held by the greatest Brave of them all.

It was bad enough watching Bonds cheat his way to baseball immortality. Imagine if he had been wearing a tomahawk across his chest.

No Braves fan should want to endure the soulless charade of cheering on a phony like A-Rod after he hits his 715th HR or, God forbid, No. 756.

He’s 109 homers shy of the latter mark but has five years remaining on his contract. Again, I doubt he makes it but it’s not unfathomable.

People tend to forget that A-Rod, who wears wore No. 3 as a tribute to his childhood idol, Dale Murphy (Murf should sue), was almost a Brave 11 years ago.

“We tried everything we could to get Alex Rodriguez,” John Schuerholz told New York Times reporter Murray Chass in April 2001. “But he was offered $126 million more by another team. If he had taken the second-highest offer, we would have had him.”

Thank God for Tom Hicks.


10 thoughts on “Of all the reasons not to trade for A-Rod, here’s the most compelling

  1. I don’t think we have to worry about A-Rod breaking the Hammer’s record. Without the juice he is a shell of his former self. At 37 his bat speed ain’t getting faster. He can’t catch up to a good heater. He’s done. The Yanks will probably have to pay close to 100 million to just to get rid of him. Sweet.

  2. I remember him claiming that about Murphy, but he claimed similar things about half a dozen players and teams then, too. He’s a liar.

    Doesn’t he wear #13?

  3. He’s a lot like Bonds. It’s like he was dealt a royal flush but he still tried to pull two more kings out of his sleeve.

  4. I think your right Pepe. He said that about Murph, but said it about his other childhood heroes. Murph may never be in the Hall, but he’s 10 times the man, most of the new “record holders” are.

  5. I’d agree on Bonds. I get the feeling most Boras clients are phony. At least A-Rod and Tex were.

  6. Well, A-Fraud did wear #3 until he joined the Yankees. Not even Rodriguez is taking the Bambino’s number.

    I sometimes think about the Braves coming so close to signing him. I remember reading at that time that the Braves refusal to include a no trade clause was a deal breaker.

  7. Also, thought the Braves declined to give A-Rod a private jet and luxury suite for his family.

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