More revenue coming in, but Braves payroll to remain same

The new national TV contracts mean each team will receive an additional $27 million, starting next year. Alas, Liberty won’t be using that money to acquire new talent. According to Mark Bowman, the Braves’ payroll will remain around $94 million. The descent into small marketdom continues, thanks to indifferent ownership.

From the geniuses who gave us ‘Gone with the Wind Night’

Don’t worry, Braves fans: the Tomahawk Team, whose lively T-shirt twirling atop the dugouts passes for tradition at Turner Field, will return in 2013. From what I can gather on Twitter, organist Matthew Kaminiski — who will always have a place in my heart for playing “With a Little Help from My Friends” when cheater…

World Series open thread, Game 4

I think the Braves would’ve beaten either of these teams in a series. And I’m not feeling that great about predicting the Tigers in 7. A long winter awaits.

World Series open thread, Game 3

I shudder to think what the ratings will be the next three nights (assuming we get to a Game 5) up against football. So far, this has been a pretty pedestrian World Series. Hopefully that changes tonight. I’ll stick w/ Tigers in 7.

White Bear

#Braves LF/C hopeful Evan Gattis just hit another HR (4) for Aguilasin Venezuela. I’m told his teammatesthere call him “White Bear.” — David O’Brien (@ajcbraves) October 27, 2012 Evan Gattis rarely comes up in any discussion of what to do if/when Brian McCann leaves the organization but maybe he should. He mashes wherever he goes,…

World Series open thread, Game 1

Leave it to MLB to cede all decisions to Fox. Here they are, in Tony Bennett’s hometown, and guess who’s singing the National Anthem? Last year’s “American Idol” winner, the one whose name no one knows. Idol, of course, is a Fox product. MLB remains a Fox product through 2021. Can’t wait to listen to…

Of all the reasons not to trade for A-Rod, here’s the most compelling

It’s conceivable, albeit unlikely, that A-Rod will surpass some of the most hallowed numbers in baseball —  milestones once (and still, in my book) held by the greatest Brave of them all. It was bad enough watching Bonds cheat his way to baseball immortality. Imagine if he had been wearing a tomahawk across his chest….

Bullseye, Rory Sparrow!

John Sterling is worse than you think. (For those too young to remember Sterling’s stints as a Braves announcer and voice of the Hawks, consider yourself lucky.)

Yankees won’t sniff the playoffs for awhile

Detroit’s sweep of the Yankees is no aberration but a sign of things to come. The Bombers are old, their farm system is thin. The free agent market is sparse, and the few stars available (Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton) are bad fits for New York. Brian Cashman would be wise to sign Michael Bourn,…

The 10 best Atlanta Braves trades (revised)

10. John Scherholz/Brian Jordan, Odalis Perez and Andrew Brown to LA for Gary Sheffield. Shef was a beast — in the regular season — compiling a .974 OPS in two years. 9. JS/Joe Roa and Tony Castillo to the Mets for Alejandro Pena. Without Big Al the ’91 miracle doesn’t happen. 8. JS/Jimmy Kremers and Keith…

Try for Tulo

Dan Uggla is a good teammate. He plays hard. But I have a nagging feeling he’ll make a pivotal error that will end the Braves’ season after stranding a half-dozen runners on base. Call it a hunch. Finding a team willing to take on the 3 years and $39 million remaining on his contract won’t…

FA’s to avoid

Nick Swisher is overrated — a below average defender who feasts on bad pitching. He has only 25 hits in 150 postseason AB’s, good for a .167 BA and .584 OPS. And he’s annoying. Very, very annoying. Angel Pagan is a bit more serviceable, an excellent fourth OF masquerading as a starter. He doesn’t get…

From euphoria to disbelief

A little tardy on two anniversaries of note. Twenty years ago yesterday, we danced in the streets: Fifteen years ago Friday, we cursed the name Eric Gregg: