One more reason not to trade Randall Delgado, and the deal I would offer

Randall Delgado may well be the Braves’ best pitching prospect.

Julio Teheran failed to pitch past the 4th inning for the 6th time this season, allowing six runs and eight hits in 3-1/3 IP, according to DOB. His ERA now stands at 5.34, nearly 3 runs higher than in 2011, at the same level. His strikeouts are appreciably down and his WHIP has neared 1.500. Pinto is either hurt or he’s hit a wall.

Delgado projects as a  third starter, though I think he’ll become a solid #2. I won’t argue that he’s an ace, but right now he’s the best we’ve got. An inflexible budget that will soon pale in comparison to its rivals — thanks to Time Warner trading the team’s broadcasting rights for a bag of peanuts — demands young starters like that.

If I was FW, I’d offer Milwaukee Tommy Hanson, under team control through 2015, and Sean Gilmartin (Minor  lite) for Greinke. I’d throw in a marginal prospect if need be.

Hanson will be arbitration eligible next year and, despite his recent struggles, he’s due a big raise. That money could go be used to re-sign Greinke, who reportedly wants to play here. Perhaps I’m giving up on Tommy too soon but he seems to take a step back each season. If that trend continues the Braves will be stuck with another JJ, likely to be non-tendered.

A rotation of Greinke, Huddy, Sheets, Minor and Delgado is a little thin; the Brewers would probably throw in Randy Wolf and pay his remaining salary. He’s sucked this year but has pitched better of late and would at least provide a fallback with a decent resume.

By the way, Greinke was stellar tonight, allowing only three baserunners and one run in 7 IP.


3 thoughts on “One more reason not to trade Randall Delgado, and the deal I would offer

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  1. Everybody’s rotation is a little thin, except Washington’s, which looks a little thin on paper but not on the field.

    Starting pitching is scarce, and has been for a while. The NL leader in wins a few years ago was 16. Good coaching probably is the true scarce commodity.

    If the sabremetric people are gaining sway, a young pitcher with low strikeout totals is going to be measured as a poor prospect, even if he figured out on his own that the name of the game is outs, not strikeouts.

    I will blame Capitol Avenue Club if the Braves fail to win the World Series.

  2. FW should save some face and pull out of the Dempster sweepstakes. It’s pretty obvious Dempster doesn’t want to play here and the Cubs are clearly using the Braves as leverage to swing a deal with the Dodgers. There are other guys out there. Heck, the Pirates just landed Wandy Rodriguez, a lefty who’s been more consistent than Dempster. And to your point, Delgado is a lot to give up for a guy that’s had a pretty mediocre career.

  3. I’m cold on the deal now as well; it’d be better to pursue Greinke, who wants to play here and is a better pitcher – and could be signed to a longer-term deal.

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