Open Thread, July 19. Melky is a bush league d-bag

The guy acts like he’s going to toss baseballs to the fans, and then doesn’t. Like some smart ass 13-year-old, he taunts Heyward to run to third. He cadillacs out of the box after hitting a ball that nearly scraped the top of the wall on its way out. I didn’t see the chop bit, but apparently he mocked the chop and then pointed to his crotch.

Of course, never mind that he has decided to take the game seriously only after being in the big leagues for several years. I hope he blows a hammy or loses 100 points off his batting average by the end of the season. Maybe he’ll get busted for ‘roids. I wouldn’t be surprised.

At least Giants fans have experience rooting for the biggest jack asses in the game. (See Bonds, Kent.) So that’ll serve them well. I never realized what a ridiculous man this guy Melky Cabrera is. If he doesn’t take Hudson’s best fastball to the ribs, or elsewhere, today it’ll only be because there are runners on and no outs every time he comes up.

As for the game itself, the Braves need this one badly. Suddenly, we’re 45-1/2 games out again. I’m starting to think the wild card is our real chance at October. The Nats, let’s face it, are very good.


14 thoughts on “Open Thread, July 19. Melky is a bush league d-bag

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  1. It’ll be 5 1/2 if we lose, Stephen. Pay attention, or Office’ll call me down to put the boots to ya. Just like the Braves are gonna do to Bulky in about 2 hours. Get ready for a Pier Sixer, Office. Tooth and nail!

  2. Sorry, Stephen. Sometimes, I’m a mean man. This morning, when I was shavin’, I almost cut my own throat.

  3. Damn his fat, sorry hide. It would be embarrassing if he were still a Brave. It’s embarrassing that he ever was one. I couldn’t believe the pathetic buffoon act he put on last night.

    If only they could’ve driven in the run off his error…

  4. Melky has been spared a brushback because the umps can eject a pitcher w/o a warning, and w/ a 4-game series coming up against the Nats the Braves can’t afford to use up the bullpen today.

  5. Needed that one. Nice work Huddy, Kimbrel and Rossy, et al. Melky will pay. O’Flaherty knocked him down late in last night’s game. But he will pay. Just wait.

  6. Patience is a virtue. Perhaps we will have an opportunity in the playoffs to put the Melky-Man in his place.

  7. From Bowman’s Twitter feed last night:

    Chipper on some of Melky’s actions: “That’s Melky and that’s why he’s not here anymore…It won’t be forgotten.”

  8. We should’ve put that team in it’s place a couple of years ago. If not for Brooks fucking Conrad.

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