Filling the game-less days

Listened to a Baseball Prospectus podcast yesterday, and it was right good. BP is known for sabermetrics, I guess, but the hosts, Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks, offered a nice blend of stats and older school viewpoints, and even a little humor. They sound like they actually like to get out and see players, you know, play baseball.

Of most interest here, they discussed Teheran and Bethancourt. On Julio, Parks said he still views him as an elite prospect. He believes Teheran’s problems this year are typical of a young pitcher refining his arsenal of pitches and adjusting to high-level hitters. He noted that Teheran is only 21, the same age as many highly regarded prospects in the lower minors.

Parks said that while Teheran might not be a sure-fire future ace, he is still “a monster,” and likely to become a very good No. 2 or No. 3 starter. Nothing wrong with that. He added that he senses the Braves are unlikely to deal him, even for a No. 1 starter-type.

As for Bethancourt, Parks and Goldstein marveled at his arm and overall defensive skills. Offensively, it’s a different story. He’s hitting just .254 with no homers and a .278 OBP at AA Mississippi. Neither of the BP podcasters sounded particularly optimistic about Bethancourt’s future with the stick. He’s not even 21, though.

Sounds like his defense is without peer among minor league catchers. He’s a very different player from McCann, in other words. Yadier Molina wasn’t much of a hitter in his first couple seasons, and he’s improved dramatically. Maybe Bethancourt can do likewise.


17 thoughts on “Filling the game-less days

  1. completely unrelated thought: The Braves are 22nd in attendance this year. This is horrible, especially since it is Chipper’s last year.

  2. Also off-topic, although I agree with Reggie Jackson about A-Knob’s stats being tainted, I take exception to a .262 career hitter who struck out more than anybody in the history of the game saying that a 300-game winner who threw more innings than anybody else who played after 1927 doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

  3. Even for Reggie, that was all really disjointed.

    I thought he was going to make a small Hall argument (Sutton and Niekro are frequent targets of those assholes) but then he turns around and argues for Jack Morris and Pettitte.

    He made sort of an anti-PED argument (he’s right about their being a largely bare stage the day one of those guys is enshrined) but, again, he argues for Pettitte.

    Apropos of not all that much, my mom really despises him and has since he milked his hamstring tear by acting almost like he was Lou Gehrig during the ’72 World Series.

  4. Tad – Are you talking about the Braves or the Padres? According to ESPN, we are 14th in average attendance, which (unfortunately) is about where we will stay until we win another World Series or the players start wearing red batting helmets with a black G on them.

  5. Mike Schmidt has written an op-ed for the Associated Press about the All-Star Game, why it has lost meaning, what it used to mean, and a few ideas about what should be done. He blames inter-league play, in part, for the Game having lost its luster. The subtext is that Bud Selig is a douche, but I may be reading too much into it.

  6. And Pettite over Knucksie? Fuck Jackson AND Pettite. Pettite not only cheated, he played on much, much better teams than Knucksie did for most of his career, and Phil’s still 75 wins and 50 points of ERA better than Pettite.

  7. Reggie Jackson is a hopeless dumbass. Here he is, getting paid to be an ambassador for the team, and by his own volition, talks to the press and outs one of the team’s biggest stars on a very sensitive topic. Moron. And he’s dissing other HOFers as if he’s Babe Ruth. Fuck him.

  8. “…or the players start wearing red batting helmets with a black G on them.”

    Too funny! When they do that they could also have the visiting team wear Auburn/Florida/Tennessee batting helmets and it would be a rivalry series!

    On topic, I think Reggie completely contradicts himself when he says A-Rod’s stats are tainted but then says Pettite is more deserving of the Hall than Sutton or Knucksie. Therefore nothing he says should be taken seriously.

    Having said that, FUCK Andy Pettite! And Reggie too…

  9. While we’re at this, Mike Schmidt is, and always has been, a dumbass too. I am so fucking sick of mooning over the mystery of the old days. That system was dumb and self defeating and as much of a relic of the unfortunate past as two sets of umpires, artificial turf, Joe Garigiola and powder blue uniforms.

  10. Am I the only one that thinks Kinsler decided not to dive for Chipper’s grounder last night because he thought it would make for a good story for Chipster? I watched the replay and Chipper was looking at him laughing out loud about it.

  11. That thought had occurred to me. No way to know for sure.

    Nice gesture from the KC fans during both the lineup intro and later when he came up to bat.

  12. Not sure I like this rumour:

    I would much rather keep Prado and focus on signing Bourn to a new contract. The possibility of losing Prado/pitching prospect to trade, as well as losing Bourn to free agency and only gaining Upton in the process seems like a bad deal to me, especially since we lose Chipper to retirement as well and would then have no plan at 3B.

    Hopefully this is just hot air…

  13. KEEP MARTIN. This smacks of Justice-Grissom for Lofton-Embree, only Upton’s not as good as Lofton was before that trade.

  14. Keep in mind, this isn”t even a rumor. It’s just something Buster Olney thinks might make sense. Fortunately, Buster Olney is not the Braves’ GM.

  15. Kinsler most definitively gave up on Chipper’s grounder. Game was already over, so I appreciated the gesture.

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