Dumbest question of the day w/ a predictably stupid answer

I watched as much as a I could tolerate of the interminable Kevin Millar show on MLB. He and co-host Chris Rose agreed that Big Fraud-i should go into the Hall of Fame.

Like Red Sox fans everywhere — and The Nation‘s fawning ass-lickers in the sports media — Millar and Rose conveniently forget that Ortiz IS A CHEATER. Just like Manny Ramirez. Not only does it taint the two sluggers but also the Sox’s two World Series wins.

I know if Mad Dog and Glavine had juiced I wouldn’t feel so great about the ’95 world championship.

Ortiz, widely viewed as an ambassador for baseball, is the biggest phony in the game. In the last two weeks alone he’s whined about his contract and the Boston media.

To quote Nelson Muntz (or Jimbo Jones, I can’t remember): “CHARLATAN!”


3 thoughts on “Dumbest question of the day w/ a predictably stupid answer

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  1. Ah, Kevin Millar: America’s Favorite Scab Cutup.

    I like MLB Network (loved seeing Brian Kenny and Jim Kaat today, discuss Brian’s pet radical idea, the thing about using four pitchers a game and not letting them ever bat…Brian enthusiastically made the case and Jim politely said, in effect, your favorite Hubie Brown catchphrase) but “Intentional Talk” is just intolerable.

    I wouldn’t have thought they could have find someone dumber and more tiresome than Rose but they dug deep and pulled it off.

    About Dave Zirin…I love a lot of his POV, especially about stadium deals and how the large majority of the ownership class in sports worldwide is a veritable rogue’s gallery but I would like to go on record here, as the blog’s resident knee jerk left winger, as thinking he (and a lot of other people of his political bent who should know better) is full of shit about both PEDs and the whole tired-years-ago thing about Native American inspired team names. I’ve largely stopped visiting Paul Lukas’ terrific uniform site because of his frequent harrangues on the latter subject.

  2. How do you make Chris Rose even more insufferable? Pair him with Kevin Millar, everyone’s favorite Cowboy Uppin’ scab.

    As much as I found Brian Kenny tiresome on ESPN (except on his boxing coverage), I do like his show on the MLB network.

  3. Ortiz is a phony, just like Sammy Sosa.
    HOF? Maybe 10 years after Edgar Martinez.

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