Zack Greinke to the Braves?

Bowman writes that a trade for Milwaukee’s ace is a very real possibility, with the Braves then signing Greinke, whose agent is NOT Scott Boras) long-term.

There’s many reasons to endorse a Greinke trade. He’ll be 29 on Opening Day. He’s topped 200 innings three times and is on pace to do so again. The former Royal has 9 wins and a 2.82 ERA this year and is averaging a strikeout per inning with only 22 walks.

It’ll cost something approaching the $112.5 million deal signed by Matt Cain. So be it. Aces don’t come cheap and the Braves need one, this season and beyond.

Even if it takes Julio Teheran to get one.


9 thoughts on “Zack Greinke to the Braves?

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  1. Very good pitcher, though I’m not sure he’s in Cain’s class. I’d love to have him, but I’m a little wary of tying up a huge chunk of the payroll in a guy who, to me, seems a shade below truly elite. Maybe I’m too cautious.

  2. Seems like a Joe Johnson style of contract. A good player but not a superstar. That’s an Atlanta Hawks reference, btw.

  3. We need Greinke Urgently this year and beyond. We also need one more pitcher and bullpen help after te Greinke deal.

  4. We are not going anywhere with Delgado and Minor starting 40% of our games.
    Just think about how many new families and homosexuals McDowell could hate in the International League!

  5. I’d love for the Braves to land Greinke. He’s one of the NL’s premier, consistent starters. Greinke, Hudson, Hanson, Jurrjens and Beachy would be hard to beat.

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