Simmons up, Pastornicky down

The future is now. 

We approve.

More later.



7 thoughts on “Simmons up, Pastornicky down

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  1. A team that planned to contend would have made a better plan for shortstop rather than play rookie Yahtzee at a position key to any success for our young pitchers. But a team focused on cutting costs and showing profit on the far corner of a larger faceless corporate balance sheet? That would be exactly what they would do.

    I hope Simmons is all that and a bag of chips. I hope he instills confidence and makes all the plays. Either way he would be getting more seasoning in another, more committed organization.

  2. The fact that they made no effort to sign Oswalt is another depressing non-move. We have the fewest (or at least close to) quality starts in the NL, and instead of signing a quality (and possibly cheap) arm, we decide to turn Medlen back into a starter, which I fear means we’ll be using Durbin and Hernandez more in key situations.

    I hope Simmons is able to come in and at least provide a steady hand at SS, but I don’t think this move makes us a whole lot better.

  3. I hope this decision doesn’t backfire. Simmons had a good start in ST but his bat left much to be desired. I have no doubt his glove is better than Pastornicky but overall Pastornicky hasn’t been bad. We have to get some offense out of Simmons or we might as well plug Wilson in everyday. This reeks of Fredi G pulling strings with the brass.

  4. I don’t see much downside to this move. I guess it’s possible, but I highly doubt Simmons’ career will be ruined if he comes up and hits .200 this season. Pastornicky was not horrible offensively, but his defense was subpar and appeared to be getting worse. Fielding percentage isn’t everything, of course, but it is an indicator and Pastornicky’s was the worst of any shortstop in baseball. And he made no great plays. A spectacular play here and there can save an inning and thus a game. Simmons figures to be a significant upgrade defensively. Offensively, all he has to do is get on base 28% of the time, and he’ll equal Pastornicky. Simmons is also faster.

    We know Liberty doesn’t give a damn about wins and losses. That sucks, but we’re stuck with it. Did anyone really think we’d sign Oswalt? I have no expectations of Liberty Media. Acquiring Bourn last year was a pleasant surprise. Maybe we’ll get another one this season. Maybe Wren will trade for a Dempster type, or a decent reliever. In the meantime, I like this move. I’m excited to see Simmons play.

  5. I’m happy with the move. Simmons was hitting at AA.

    It doesn’t speak well for Wilson if the primary goal is to have a good glove at SS.

  6. You’re right, Charlesad. I need to adjust my expectations for the franchise. Ted left the building long ago, and there is no Mark Cuban in the wings. Unfortunately I don’t see the Fredi and FW combination as the next coming of Moneyball. I am looking forward to seeing Simmons play. He can’t be more mediocre and may be well better than that.

  7. It seems that the reason Oswalt was unsigned in the first place was that he was asking too much. That’s probably why we didn’t bother. Would he have been worth the $5 million or so ESPN reports that the Rangers are spending? Perhaps…but it is a pretty big risk for a team on a budget to sign a player that much money for less than 2/3 of a season in the majors.

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