Not all is lost

There was some good news Sunday:

JJ was dominant for the Buford Braves, tossing eight scoreless innings, walking none and striking out five. Don’t know what his fastball was clocked at but recent reports say his velocity is back to where it was this time a year ago. His stay in Gwinnett may be over.

And we may not have to endure the middling defense of Tyler Pastornicky much longer. Andrelton Simmons is raking at Pearl, hitting three homers this week. He’s batting .305 with 21 RBI, a .380 OBP and a slugging percentage of .439. He’s committed only  three errors, compared to the Reverend’s seven.


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  1. I was happy with Pastornicky even a week ago but that boneheaded play opened the floodgates tonight. It’s not his fault that Fredi Haas has him batting second but that’s not helping, either. At this point, Simmons needs to get the call.

    Right now, we’ve got a lot of deadwood on this roster. Wilson is only here because we need an occasional sure non-Pastornicky glove at SS. He can’t be counted on as a bench bat, which is what he becomes, at least nominally, when we have regulars on the shelf and have to press Ske and Diaz into the lineup. The same goes for Boscan.

    I’d be willing to keep Durban around for a bit if he wasn’t constantly inserted in high leverage situations. Again, that’s not his fault but still…

    And then, there’s Livan. Can we please call and end to this rancid experimant? I could put my issues with him on the back burner if he was at all effective but he’s really not.

    Last night was a colossal fuckup, even by Fredi’s “standards.” That he allowed Beachy to put on the go ahead run on base, only THEN to take him out and put him on the hook for Hernendez’s Johnny Storm act, is just unforgivable. Further, that he allowed the fool to stay in and put the game frmly out of reach is even worse.

    At what point does Wren wake up and see the writing on the wall?

  2. Fredi’s in the paper this morning talking about ‘sometimes you have to save the bullpen.’ He also left Huddy on the mound Friday night to twist in the wind. I hope we’re a third place team.

  3. That Pastornicky play was really stupid. So far, he’s cost us two games this year with his mental mistakes. With his talent level — and having a butcher as a double play partner — he can’t afford to be a dim bulb.

    Blauser had hands of stone and little range, but at least he knew what he was doing.

  4. No doubt Pastornicky’s behind the back toss was attempt to show off for an ESPN broadcast. I hope FG had a talk with him similar to the talk he had with Juan Francisco.

  5. And if our offensive woes weren’t bad enough, here’s this bit of good news!

    After going 1-for-3 with a walk on Monday afternoon, Melky Cabrera now has 47 hits in the month of May, leaving him just two shy of the Giants’ franchise record, which was set by Willie Mays in 1958. The Melk Man said he was “honored to be mentioned in the same sentence” as the Say Hey Kid, and he needs only two hits to tie or three to exceed Mays’ mark over the next two games.

    I’m really worried about this stretch coming up; we only have one series against a sub-.500 team, and that is the Diamnondbacks, who aren’t a pushover at all. If Fredi doesn’t get it turned around soon, he might be out by the All Star break.

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