Open thread, 5/24, Braves vs Brad “the Animal” Lesleys

Teams slump, and that’s what’s happened the last week. It doesn’t help when two of your best hitters are shelved and a third can’t see.

According to DOB, Chipper’s bruise is looking worse and he might be out longer than expected. Since he pinch hit last night, a retroactive trip to the DL is unlikely. Meanwhile, Freddie said he could barely see last night. Not sure about B-Mac since the line-ups have yet to be posted.

So, considering the lack of good news, I’m invoking the name of Brad “the Animal” in hopes of reversing the Braves’ fortunes. Lesley was a washout in the majors but, according to Wikipedia:

He is probably best known for his role as Ajimaru “Animal” Resry in the Japanese gameshow, Takeshi’s Castle where he would participate in such games as “Devil’s Domain”, “Stuck Up” and his own game “Animal Bang”. Takeshi’s Castle would later be shown in the US on the cable network Spike TV as Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, later shortened to MXC.

 He has also made a number of appearances in certain films such as Brother (2000) (as Moose), Big Monster on Campus (2000) (as Arnie), Buddy (1997) (as Ali Baba), A Boy Called Hate (1996) (as the Moving Truck Driver), Little Big League (1994) (as John ‘Blackout’ Gatling) and Mr. Baseball (1992) (as Niven). He also made a brief appearance in Space Jam (1996) (as Himself), after Michael Jordan had asked him to star in it personally.


7 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/24, Braves vs Brad “the Animal” Lesleys

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  1. Unfortunately, we’ve been mediocre at home this year so far. Sorry for putting the kiss of death on Medlen, btw. Cincinnati’s ballpark is a joke. If the Big Red Machine had played there they might not have lost a game.

  2. I thouht Delgado threw well. Just bad luck for him that Medlen grooved a 2-0 fastball with the bases loaded and, of course, their no-name catcher hit it out of the park.

  3. Throw him that same pitch 100 times and he misses it or hits it foul 88 times.

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