Open thread, 5/11, Braves vs. Garry Templetons

If not for Templeton’s one-finger salute Ozzie Smith might have never been traded to St. Louis.

The Braves were 7-1/2 games  ahead of the Cards in the Wild Card race when the two teams met on Sept. 9, 2011. Craig Kimbrel was one out away from effectively ending St. Louis’ season. A walk to Rafael Furcal brought the go-ahead run to the plate, Ryan Theriot, with Albert Pujols looming on deck. You know the rest (but may have forgotten it was Linebrink, not Kimbrel, who lost the game). It was all donwhill from there.

Fortunately, Linebrink is gone and the Bravos, unlike the BoSox, appear to not be haunted by those September demons. They’ll face a Cards team that appears to be the class of the NL, and if Sunday’s starter, Tommy Greene look-a-like Lance Lynn, is legit (6–0, 1.42 ERA) you can remove the qualifier.

Mike Minor, meanwhile, could be in jeopardy of losing his spot in the rotation if he pitches like he did against Pittsburgh and Colorado, allowing 18 hits and 15 runs in 11-1/3 IP.



  1. This is going to be a tough series. Given our ability to beat good pitchers, and our perverse inability to beat mediocre pitchers, we will fare best tomorrow and Sunday, beating Wainwright and handing Lancelot Lynk his first L.

  2. I’m looking for Minor to rebound big. Starting with Beachy in Colorado, the starters have pitched 4 solid games in a row (unfortunately only winning two). I think Minor carries the trend forward. And like Jack says, we seem to do well against good pitching, so hopefully Minor will get a nice cushion to work with.

  3. Minor didn’t look good tonight but the offense pulled us through. Livan has made some clutch pitches when he’s had to but Venters is starting to worry me a little. Probably the coolest thing about tonight is winning on Tony LaRussa’s number retirement night.

  4. I thought Minor looked sharp early bbut then he obviously stopped looking sharp. Looked like he was determined to throw strikes and get ahead and in doing so threw too many down the middle. That can be fixed, I think.

  5. I know it’s only May 12, but it sure gives me a warm feeling to see Boston in the cellar.

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