Open Thread, May 7, Braves vs. Jeff Picos

I enjoy watching the Braves bitch slap the little bears about as much as I enjoy seeing the Braves whup any squad. Chicago’s a great town, Wrigley’s old. But little bear fans are an obnoxious lot for a group whose team hasn’t won so much as an NL pennant since waaaaay before (former little bear) Jame Moyer was born. Our home boys have done plenty of slapping lately: Braves are 40-26 against the little bears in the past 10 seasons. That’s a .606 clip, which is good for 98 wins over 162 games. The Braves in those 10 years have lost a season series to Chicago just once, strangely gooing 0-6 in 2008.

Time to slap anew.

Hanson is coming off a dreadful performance and is therefore due for a gem. At least that’s my hopeful interpretation. Hurling for the little bears, the former Notre Dame split end with the name full of consonants has pitched a couple good games in a row. He throws hard. And has long hair. So this one could be a test for the rampaging Bravos batsmen. Still, I won’t be surprised if FF deposits a ball over the right field bleachers.

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  1. DaculaE says:

    Anybody here???

    Huge Braves fan here, just found this thread. What time does the game start? What channel is it on?


  2. tbone82 says:

    Check your local listings. My favorite recent Braves-Cubs moment was that fight between Zambrano and Michael Barrett… of course J-Hey’s homerun was great too.

  3. In Atlanta the game is on SportSouth. WGN is not carrying it.

  4. DaculaE says:


    Yeah…uhhh….that was a joke. I do find it most nights! West coast games are not on my calendar usually!

    Does this blog get lively at all?

  5. pepefreeus says:

    I think we might have been okay if Rico hadn’t decided to go all John Wayne. Priorities, man. Winning the game hurts them a lot more than a plunking.

  6. DaculaE, why dont’ you drive over to Arcade and get yourself a 40!

  7. wuky says:

    It’s tough losing to the Cubs but it’s even worse when you lose to a pitcher who looks like he works weekends at the Renaissance Festival as Robin Hood.

  8. charlesad says:

    And who drills J-Hey intentionally. No way Hanson’s throwing at Reed Johnson in the 2nd inning.

  9. the real big cat says:

    Is it just me, Office, or is there some heat building up on this trip? Chipper and Moyer having a senior moment, and now Heyward and some bum talking out the side of his neck. If Dumpster gets outta line, there might be a Pier Sixer at Wrigley Field.

  10. charlesad says:

    It ain’t just you, Cat.

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