Meet your new LF prospect

The Braves have moved late-blooming catcher Evan Gattis to LF, and the 25-year-old slugger responded Tuesday with two long homers in his first game as an outfielder, driving in five against the Carolina Mudcats.

In 16 games Gattis has 8 homers, driven in 26 and struck out only 8 times. He has a .424 BA, .507 OBP and .898 slugging percentage. In other words, Gattis is no longer just a curiosity but a legit prospect.


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  1. I said the Braves needed to move him to left the last thread we had on him. I must be psycho or something.

  2. Jim and Don were talking up Gattis big time last night on the radio. So what’s the potential timeline on this guy? Any possibility he could be ready by next season? Prado to third and Gattis in left?

  3. Don and Powell have ben talking up this guy for the past week. They’ve definitely gotten my curiosity up. 25 is old for a guy in High A ball so I’d love to see if he can make the jump to AA.

  4. Gattis seemed to do OK during spring training, although he only got 8 ABs (and 3 hits) in Grapefruit League play. He was killing the ball in intersquad work.

  5. Keith Law on Gattis:

    “He’s not a prospect. He’s beating up on much younger, less physically developed competition, and offers no defensive value at a corner position.”

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