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Open Thread, 4.24, Braves vs. the Chuck Connors

The late Rifleman had all of one big league at bat with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and 201 more with the Cubs. I just always thought it was cool as a kid that a guy in a western show I liked had played major league baseball. His real name was Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors. I guess Kevin Connors didn’t sound cowboy enough. He died in 1992.

So that’s that. On a more important note, Mike Minor needs to keep painting tonight. Our guys will take their hacks against the generally hittable Aaron Harang. Harang has been dismal so far this season — 1.62 WHIP, 5+ ERA — so let’s hope that continues. Tonight isn’t critical, by any means, but it’d be nice to rebound after the first back-to-back losses since the 0-4 start, not to mention the weirdness of JJ’s demotion.




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  1. Loved Chuck Connors, especially in the series “Branded”. The guy was also a Boston Celtic.

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